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A Place to Grow

Wed Mornings: 9:15-9:45 or 9:50-10:20

Session Cost: Monthly Payment Cycle

4 weeks:  $50.00, 5 weeks: $61.50
Enrollment is on-going, students only need to register through the site once.

We will add classes with increased enrollment

To Make a Payment: We now except Venmo: @Gymsters or send a payment to 1793 Albert Ave, San Jose CA 95124. Please send payment 5 days before the new session begins.

GYMSTERS is an ongoing year-round program, and your child is continuously re-enrolled for successive sessions at the school. 


Cancellation: It is the responsibility of the card holder (paying for the classes) to email Gymsters directly at: to cancel their subscription to our program with a two week paid notice.  In the event a child wants to stop the program or leaves the school and does not notify Gymsters, refunds will not be given for the classes not attended. 

Your online registration indicates an agreement that videos/photos of your child can be used for promotional purposes without compensation. Names of children and school will not be used in any GYMSTERS promotions. If you wish to opt out of this, contact us by email.

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