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Gymsters is a mobile physical education program that has been part of Bay Area public and private schools for many years. We specialize in working with children ranging in age from two to five. Gymsters provides children with a weekly 30-minute class. The session emphasizes the development of motor skills through fun, age-appropriate physical activity. 

Class Activities 
Each class contains three exciting activities, using bright and inviting equipment designed just for our students! Our instructors bring years of Physical Education experience and knowledge, creating a safe and structured class environment. Students learn to participate with confidence and respect for others in a non-competitive setting. 

Building Confidence 
We want our students to feel self-confident as they participate in our classes. We encourage them with smiles and praise for all their accomplishments. We want our Gymsters to feel a sense of pride and success with each step they take! 

Gymsters Equipment & Activities 
Our materials are always purchased with specific age groups in mind. We utilize the best quality equipment for our program. During class sessions you will see our students using Juggling Scarves, Bowling Pins, and Launching Boards.  They learn to play games like Indoor Golf and Basketball. They develop coordination and motor skills by dashing through Obstacle Courses and walking on specially designed stilts. These are just a few of the activities you will see at Gymsters! 

Gymsters is licensed & insured.


Our Instructors


Leann Emery, Owner


Leann has been teaching pre-school motor development classes and elementary physical education in the Bay Area since 1993. Through the years she worked with thousands of children, teaching them how to create a positive sense of self through physical movement. Leann develops the class curriculum and training for all Gymsters Instructors.


Lori Hamilton


Lori has been teaching Gymsters classes for over 10 years. Lori joined Gymsters after teaching for 14 years in a Montessori Preschool. Through Lori’s extensive Montessori background, she has developed the Little Mover’s program structure, social interaction and problem solving principles.


Nina Thompson


Nina comes to Gymsters with a minor in Early Childhood Education, and brings a lot of fun and creativity to all of her classes.


Danielle Hamilton

Danielle has been a Little Movers instructor since 2012.  She is currently in her 2nd semester in Montessori Training as well.  We love to call her, "Dani the Nanny", due to her natural gift with children.

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